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" I received my order today and I couldn't withhold my joy when I opened and tested the product! You see, last summer I purchased shea butter from an organic vendor; when I later developed a small patch of eczema on the inside of my arm, the shea butter healed it in a short time. But last month when I went back to the same store, the 'pure shea butter' they sold me was anything but that. Afterwards, I began researching many sites about the various aspects of pure, unrefined shea butter. That's how I discovered your site. I confess that I braced myself for disappointment again; so many stores laud their products as one thing but give another. Your company is an obvious exception! WOW! When I opened the jar and smelled the product, I got a whiff of the slightly nutty smell that so many sources said should be present in pure shea butter; but when I touched the shea butter it felt as if my skin was being bathed in creamed silk. What can I say? Your quality product has gained a customer for life! I'm going to purchase more -- for myself, my family, and friends...-Geri (PA)

"Hi, I am must write you and let you know that I have been purchasing your shea butter from Azizzi book store in Matteson, Illinois and am in love with it!  I had
ordered a sample kit from you about three months ago and fell in love. I have tried a million unrefined shea butter products form everywhere, the flea market, Epicurean Shea butter co. Alaffia and even the kind in plastic containers from the African Store in Chicago.  Nothing, nothing compares to yours!  The quality, low odor and the creaminess is unbeatable.  I will never use anything else.  I also rave about it on Makeupalley Bath and Body forum.  Your east african and whipped is my favorite.  But i love the beige as well.  I just want to thank you for the best product available....truly you are a superior company...blessings and luck" S. Stout  (Illinois)

" I use it (whipped shea Butter) all over my stomach burn which has practically disappeared completely and the itching as well isgone. In October 2007, I had boiling soup spill on me while I was wearing a running shirt, i.e. thin with airholes throughout it. It fell off the table right on mystomach. Luckily I had a cloth napkin or it could have been devastating. The soup was so overcooked I should have not even put it on the table until it cooled down.I received a couple medicines from the emergency room, but it wasn't working well. Then i was told by best friend, an African American female about my incident and she recommended I try shea butter. I went to the drug store and found Vasoline with shea butter. It helped a little, but still not too much progress after a month. I went online and found your product. I started using it and felt my skin quickly returning to being normal. It also helped my head, especially behindthe ears. Inow useit daily. It washes off well in the shower. I wish I had before and after photos but I was afraid to show it to anybody but a doctor and my lady friend, who almost went into severe panic. At thetime it happened, I sat there with my napkin trying to rub it down but took to long to put cold water on it. It was a large burnand looked grotesque. I am grateful your product cured my burn. I'm stocking up because whipped shea butter works much better than solid shea butter and is easy toapply. I have enough to make it through the hot Tennessee summer and fall. This is my testimonial." - Gary L, (TN)

"I'm so thankful that I found your company online. For the first time in my 40 years there is something that actually eases the itch of my ezcema! I hope your company is prospering and continues to prosper for many years to come!!!" - Tammy M (WI)

"My daughter is 20 months old and has severe eczema all over her body.  We've been battling this for almost a year, and while nothing has made it go away, your whipped shea butter has been a tremendous help.  It's the only lotion/butter that she likes to have on her skin, I think everything else must sting her very dry, raw, irritated skin."  
- Sarah D, (NC)

"I have always used a cocoa butter product from a large retail chain because it seem to ease some of the dry skin I experience during the winter.  Then, one of my best friends suggested that I try Nature�s Shea Butter, when the other product ran out - my question to her was �Why didn�t you tell me about this stuff before??!!!  This stuff is great!!!!  Goodbye Large retail chain�Hello Nature�s Shea Butter!!!!"- Andria B, (Quincy, MA)
"i got the 16 oz jar of unrefined shea butter hoping to turn back a few years on the clock seeing how i'm a 37 yr old woman.  after doing some research i found out i could put it in my hair after i got out of the shower.  it's normally 71% humidity where i live, so i use 3 different products on my hair to keep the frizz at bay.  after the first day of applying not even a dime's amount of shea butter in my hair, it was smooth and soft like a toddlers hair.  (i'm caucasian, for the record.)  the lines on my face softened after 3 days of applying it nightly.  my lips that were always dry and cracking, are always soft, completely hydrated, and kissable.  my stretch marks are completely gone, and i had them since i was 16 years old.  if you don't believe me, don't take my word for it.  try it for yourself.  this stuff is a little miracle, i'm a user for life. "- TK, (Stafford, TX)
"I just wanted to thank you for the Beige Shea Butter. I am going to be in trouble if you ever stop selling it. All my life I suffered from dry skin, eczema, and dark spots. But since I�ve started using your beige shea butter, my skin is softer and my skin has become clearer. Thank you again and keep up the good work."  M Farris (Massachusetts)
"I received my order today and was very pleased.  I wasn't sure how the whipped shea butter scents that I ordered would smell.  They smelled great!  My overall experience with your company went beyond my expectations.  Your product was of good quality and at a reasonable price.  It was a nice surprise to see the samples of your other products included in my package.  I was hesitant to try the scented shea butter that I had never smelled, but your samples gave me the opportunity to do that for free.  I will definitely tell my friends and family about Nature's Shea Butter.  " - J.O. (Waite Park, MN)
"I stumbled upon your website when I was looking for unrefined shea.  I had never tried unrefined shea before, but your prices seemed reasonable, so I ordered an 8 oz tub of unrefined shea and since you had a sampler pack of whipped sheas, I thought I would try that. When the shipment arrived 3 days later, I must say I was not too pleased by the smell of the unrefined shea.  I also didn't think the scents of the whipped sheas were strong enough.  But then I used them...And although I don't enjoy all the scents of your whipped sheas, I truly do love some of them!  I may not have liked the smell of your unrefined shea, but the smell grew on me and now I don't notice it having an unpleasant smell at all.  And nevermind how they smell, they work great! No grittiness as I've heard about other company's sheas; Your sheas glide on smooth and make me feel pampered and smooth.  The scents of the whipped sheas are not too faint afterall.  When I use them, they last for quite a while on my hair and skin.  My favorite is frankincense and myrrh, but I have yet to use all the samples up yet.  When they finish, I would like to order more, but it will be tough deciding which whipped sheas to order! And right now with your free shipping, I am very tempted to buy some even though my samples aren't finished and my 8 oz tub of unrefined shea still has about 7 ounces left in it.  I hope the free shipping lasts after New Years because I can't possibly spend any more money this year..."
-Shilpa B.of Prospect, KY

"Since being introduced to your company and products I have been using the Shea Butter with chamomile neroli for eczema in my face that I had been suffering with.  I just want to let you know that I have had great results I rarely have any itching and even some of the scarring has gone.  Thanks to you and your company keep up the good work.  I love the new packaging of course I am partial to Nature's Shea Butter.  Your products will always be on my shelves in business and home." - C White (Tampa, Fl)

"Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my recent order. I could not also thank you enough for the great products you are offering, specially the unrefined shea butter. My very first order was the 4 oz unrefined shea butter and I only odered the smaIlest size, just to try it out. I am very impressed with the product, and with your customer service. So I have decided to order another 4 oz unrefined shea butter and to try out the African Black Soap." - Khristina H. (Memphis, TN)
"Thanks for your terrific customer service!  For the last year I have been using basic unrefined shea butter that my daughter had purchased before I came upon your site for the whipped and scented variety. The unwhipped variety that I was using was very hard to work with and did not have a pleasant odor.I am so pleased that I found your site. After using your products, my skin is so soft and healthy looking and I did not think that the tranformation from such dry skin was even possible.I love your products, have given out your site address to my co-workers and have even placed a second order so that I might give one as a holiday present.The fact that your customer service is so great is a wonderful plus." - DL Mills (Mt. Sinai, NY)

"My daughter has had eczema since she was born.  I have tried many remedies but nothing worked.  One of my co-workers brought some your shea butter in for me to try.  After a couple of applications I could see a huge difference on her skin.  Thank you so much you have a customer for life!"- Roxanne E. (New York, NY)
"I just used my 100% Shea Butter last night after purchasing it from a craft show in Worcester Massachusetts (South High) from a great sales Gentleman.  I am so happy that I went out on a limb and purchased this product! I bought the smallest container; I just went online to buy the largest, because my husband and I used half of it already.  We used all over our winter, dry hands and our feet. I also put some on my face and that is where I was most amazed. I woke up this morning and did my usual routine, but when I looked in the mirror to put my make up on, my face was not as red as normal. I was so surprised. I am so pleased with the first time results already! I have purchased many, many facial regimes; I am most pleased with what has already begun to happen. Thank you so much for providing this product in my town and State!" - Jerelyn S. (Worcester, MA)
"I was amazed by the many uses of shea butter, my whole family loves it." - Maxie A. (Los Angeles, CA)
"Best shea butter I ever purchased!" - Felicia A. (Miami, FL) 
"Your Rice Flower and Shea Whipped Shea Butter is now my favorite scent.  Keep up the good work." - Denise L. (Pottstown, PA) 
"I was surprised to find my husband using your product and now we are both hooked...! - Lily & John P. (New Rochelle, NY) 
"Your unrefined shea butter works wonders on my cuticles!" - Sharon J. (Ocean City, NJ) 
"It is so hard to find all natural products. I use your shea butter in my daughters hair and for my hands, it works great." - Leslie R. (Arlington, TX)
"I love your raw shea butter, thanks for the quick delivery and the free samples!" - John B. (Austin, TX)
"I received your lotion as a birthday present from one of my girlfriends.  I have since bought your whole product line.  I thank her every time I see her.  By the way I love your packaging." - Ella S. (San Francisco, CA)
"It's good to see more natural products available online.  Can't wait to see your new scents!"- Daniella I. (New Brunswick, NJ)
"Great products, I use shea butter on my feet every night." - Lisa A (New York, NY)
"I had to write you to tell you how much I love your whipped shea butter.  I usually buy the unwhipped, but the whipped goes on so much easier." - Thelma P. (Flint, Michigan)
"I keep your shea butter on my sill and use it every time I wash my hands....much better than the lotion I usually use.  Thanks" - Janet W. (Rockville, MD)
"My son has eczemza and i didn't want to put anything unnatural on his skin.  Your live chat operator knows their stuff...received your product in two days.  Thanks for all your help and most of all for the shea butter it works great!" - Jenny T. (Tuscon, AZ)
"...good quality product at a good price."- Lynn T. (Scottsdale, AZ) 
"I just wanted to thank your company for a great product. My roommate ordered your Shea shaving cream for me and Wow, what a difference. I have a very thick beard and I thought all shaving cream was created equal. Boy was I wrong. The results were great." - Greg (San Francisco, CA)
"Your product worked wonders on my dry, cracked feet. " - Lisa P. (Medford. NJ)
 "I was a little scared to try a product I never heard of, but now I am a true believer.  My skin has never felt so smooth!" - Mary E. (San Francisco, CA)